Help learners master eight essential skills.

Teach Enterprise provides punchy 10-minute
video activities to build the skills to succeed.

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Problem Solving
Staying Positive
Aiming High

Why build these skills?


of young people

say that they are as or more important than academic qualifications.

'Life Lessons' - Sutton Trust, 2017


of teachers

say that they are as or more important than academic qualifications.

'Life Lessons' - Sutton Trust, 2017


of employers

focus above all on the attitudes and aptitudes that will enable graduates to be effective in the workplace.

'Education and Skills' - CBI, 2017

How can I use it?

I'm a secondary school teacher.

Year 12 tutors at Pool Hayes Academy have used the Teach Enterprise videos once a week in form-time.

'With Teach Enterprise's resources, we can break down the somewhat ambiguous idea of 'careers skills' into manageable chunks, and explicitly work on individual skills. The resources are flexible and can be adapted to students' needs and the time available to tutors.'

Polly – Pool Hayes Academy

I'm working in the youth sector.

London Youth Rowing believe these essential skills are key to ensuring that young people are ready for life beyond school. Teach Enterprise is a great way for organisations to break down the teaching of these skills.

'Developing essential skills is a fundamental outcome of London Youth Rowing's Breaking Barriers programme, which enables motivated youth rowers from disadvantaged communities to flourish as they transition from school into the wider world.'

Andy - London Youth Rowing

How does it work?

1. Register and set up groups

1. Register and set up groups

2. Pick a skill and step

2. Pick a skill and step

3. Watch video

3. Watch video

bite-size videos

developed by teachers

no printing or prep

differentiated by age

Who's already working with us?




children & young people


teachers & youth leaders

Over the last decade, Enabling Enterprise has worked with schools and employers across the country to build the essential skills around which Teach Enterprise is based.

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